Healthy Tailgating Swaps

Are you ready for some football?  The fall is the perfect time for football and tailgating, however the typical tailgate is anything but diet friendly.  Here are 5 creative and healthy recipes to lighten up your next tailgate party.

  • Pumpkin Pie Dip

    • This dip combines the fall flavor of pumpkin with protein packed Greek yogurt.  It’s perfect for dipping with apple slices, pineapple, or gingersnap cookies.

  • Boiled Peanuts

    • Boiled peanuts are a Southern favorite and can be a way to trade out your fat-laden potato chips for a more satisfying snack.  These peanuts are easy to make by using a crock pot.

  • Lemony Quinoa

    • Quinoa is an ancient grain that contains all the essential amino acids of a protein and it’s one of few vegetarian sources that can make that claim.  It’s a wonderful vehicle for flavor and in this recipe it combines with lemon, pine nuts, and cilantro for a zesty flavor.

  • Lean beef burgers with blue cheese and caramelized onions

    • The Great American burger may not deserve the bad rap that it’s recently received.  If you choose lean beef you can reduce the saturated fat content and enjoy the iron and taste of real beef.  Our sliders add caramelized onions and blue cheese for a gourmet taste.

    • How to caramelize onions

  • Flourless Chocolate Chickpea Brownies

    • Yes, that’s right.  We said chickpeas in a brownie!  The chickpeas add fiber and protein and your guests will never guess the healthy secret ingredient.


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Tara Gidus is a nationally recognized expert and media spokesperson on topics of nutrition, fitness, and health promotion. She currently appears biweekly as the” Diet Diva” on the nationally syndicated morning show The Daily Buzz. Tara is currently the team dietician for the Orlando Magic NBA team. She served as a national media spokesperson for the American Dietic Association for five years.

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